Rick Hoyt, 36-Time Boston Marathon Finisher, Dies at 61

22 MAY 2023 died Monday

Hoyt’s father, Dick Hoyt, died in March 2021 at the age of 80.

The pair competed nearly every year in the Boston Marathon from 1980 through 2014.

In 2013, Dick and Rick Hoyt were honored with a bronze statue near the race’s starting line. 

They completed more than 1,100 races together, .

Dick Hoyt wrote in his 2010 book, I wasn’t running for my own pleasure.

FATHER: I was simply loaning my arms and legs to my son.

They completed the 1992 Marine Corps Marathon in 2 hours 40 minutes 47 seconds 

In 1972, he began using a specialized computer to help him communicate. His first words: “Go Bruins.”