A final round of practise landings for the Shenzhou-15 crew

who have been stationed aboard the China Space Station for the past six monthsa

 preparation for the return to Earth mission of the Shenzhou-15 crew

air and ground detachments have been activated and have taken part in one last round of training

GU JIANWEN Vice president Authority, Dongfeng Landing Site "Our Shenzhou clinical group is answerable for the inquiry and salvage mission

we've finished five enormous scope joint instructional courses and many individual instructional courses moreover.

We've made full arrangements for the arrival of the taikonauts, and stand prepared to safeguard their lives

Groups across all divisions are nearby, prepared to execute the errands they've been doled out.

He says he'll be the principal individual they see when they return,

and that he's prepared to welcome them with a sincere "welcome home